World's Hottest Hot Sauce | OT 27

Objavljeno 14. jun. 2021
Hotttttttt sauce, a western fight scene & HUGE GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Overtime at it's best!
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Intro: 0:00
Golden Giveaway: 0:15
Cool Not Cool: 1:22
Fight Scene: 7:53
Halftime: 13:15
Guys In Disguise: 14:27
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:01
Reminder Zone: 23:32

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  • I died when he said ur body will shut down

  • Joe mixon better pop off this season

  • Boban!

  • Tyler would win in a fight because he can rage monster

  • Like for the panda

  • Lol that fight seen was me in red dead online and my little friend in the orange jacket doing bounty’s lol

  • 24k conmet

  • Cool not cool get crafty and wheel unfortunate

  • 100,000,000 out of 10 on the fighting Sean

  • 4:52

  • I wanna buy but I am in pakistan

  • 5:41 how it starts 5:59 how it ends

  • I cant im in indonesian

  • get a life

  • Bobanee bobane pomeri bemve 😁

  • i've seen people eat so much more

  • can you go tour to mexico

  • Aw that go kart

  • So this fight scene could accurately be an original cut scene from RDR2

  • 7:53 average day in ohio

  • I legally can't drive

  • I wonder what the outro song is named?

  • nnnnnn


  • :Ty and weel unfortinate : oh nooooo

  • "Wait What Happened To My Horse"?

  • Old intro backgrounds were kinda better tbh.

  • 1. Cool Not Cool 2. Fight Scene 3. Guys in Disguise 4. Wheel Unfortunate

  • Why did Garrett red his own item?

  • 15:59 funnel cake trick shot

  • dude perficy yo guys have got to do more fight scenes that was sooooooo funny

  • do i still have time

  • 5:59 the confused anxious worry of gar's face is just amazing

  • Imagine really getting the golden ticket

  • I do know about all you people or dude perfect but i feel like that is a sagment i will never get back or watch

  • lol

  • Mad Dog 357 is actually 1 million scoville units

  • Do you poppet do you like you do you do you are you do you that Sean Tyler a.k.a. the papers behind the camera

  • Ok

  • Who else thought the thumbnail was of mr beast 😂

  • This is the best dude war so far

  • I love the nod to John Wick, the same way the giant man died!


  • Ty: try the worlds hottest hot sauce Spice king: *gulps it as a refreshing drink*


  • lol

  • it to greasy! 2:35 Garret

  • Gordon Ramsey would not be happy in that cool not cool.

  • I would not have ate that hot sauce!

  • Reminds me of Carmin’s “Satan Bites the Dust” in the fight scene.

  • The spice king: I need it!!!

  • The OT theme song is so vibe bro

  • Did anyone notice the quick cut in wheel unfortunate where the wheel speed changed? Absolutely my favorite SLflow channel ever!

  • Whatever the thing Tyler brings , Garrett : Hit the green 😂 🤣 Garret hit the green for Ty , everyone hits red even TT himself When they choose Super not cool , Garrett : Hit the red for TT 😅 Poor guy..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kudos dereek!

  • joe mama

  • I like all the food but just cory i don’t like cory food i like cody food tyler sauce ad garret food i very very like coby food and im big fan with coby

  • And the coby fried chiken

  • What is the bacon taste

  • 3:30 that face

  • DP IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wouldn’t it be funny

  • how long do we have to get the book.

  • I live in Kenner lousana

  • Not perfect

  • love when he calls C Cotton a dumb b*^ch

  • I can't bite the book not😔😫🙁😫🙁☹😡😡😟 Alice from concert May 5th mama double three that money I can't afford it I'm sorry

  • mad dog 357 aint 9 mil its only 1.2 mil "The End" is hotter its 6 mil

  • Boban Marionavic

  • I love that its called the mad dog


  • Wonder when next ot is coming out

  • We need spice king here.

  • “New seggs old seggs” kinda sus my guy

  • awesome

  • the hot sauce is probable just a thousnds of ghost peppers condenced into a container XD

  • I think Tyler is the SPICE PRINCE

  • Me

  • I want it pleeease I love uuu

  • Ty: I will resist the green for every food item Also Ty: "It's a food item!" (Presses green button)

  • Every one look very cooool

  • Sparky brother looks cute in The fight scene

  • Why wasn't the fried chicken ice cream in the top 10 desserts???

  • Cody’s therapist do you friends make you uncomfortable Cody😑

  • I am a fan

  • Sorry I’m watching this late 😬😬😬

  • I LOVE the song overtime LOL

  • U guys are legandary

  • Spice king be like I will chug it if you want

  • You know what, Ty should be in Hot Wins with Sean. Just so we can see TT having that mad dog 357 on chicken

  • Who comes to dude perfect to only see cool not cool in overtime

  • Your grate

  • shiv

  • I like how in bar fights one guy punches another guy and every one else punches each other

  • I don’t understand how Garrett can be anyone’s least favourite out of dude perfect. He’s my favourite and I would say Tyler is probably my least favourite. I feel like most peoples least favourite is probably Cory or Coby

  • The cowboy scene was 🤣

  • I dont get lonely by myself

  • My dad thinks that that hot sauce can’t be real that’s how crazy that production is