Flying RC Car

Objavljeno 11. jan. 2021
RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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“Back at It”
Performed by ZAYDE WØLF
Courtesy of Lyric House, LLC
Written by Dustin Burnett
©2021 Lyric House Denver Publishing o/b/o Red Coco Publishing (ASCAP)

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Comment: What would your flying RC car look like?!

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  • 😂😂

  • Drone

  • can i buy the plane

  • 7:46 Garret looked so scared and confused.

  • Coby use to say insane

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  • I will collect the prizes On Their heads

  • What people call witch live on sand . . . . . . . . A sandwitch

  • The farthest one would have actually been the car with the most motor power and stability, you don't need any other extra additions.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

  • Ty is very silly

  • he would bring a whole bandito lol

  • I just noticed that for once Cody doesn’t have a broken arm or something!

  • 😥

  • Cory is really horrified at all of them, I hope Cory wins in the next match

  • .

  • Please subtitle indonesia

  • Dude perfect in 2029:today we gonna play remote control airplane battle on space

  • I'll wager their mums make their beds every day.

  • indo sendiri

  • Mark Rober more like Mark Sobber.

  • 1:10 ty car got slowed ridiculously because of the air resistance provided by th balloons . So horizontal velocity got reduced

  • wow!!!!!!!!!the besttttttttttttttt

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  • Cory-rules of this battle are simple Me-*inner peace*

  • Legends watching after 7 Months

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  • Dis is rocket league basically

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  • Let's take a moment to appreciate their camera man

  • This is cool...

  • I just feel bad for Cory

  • hi

  • To easy

  • I love the last battle

  • NICE

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  • they would get crushed

  • After 6 years they do it again

  • I love this guys

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  • 8:11 When you think your Nutella jar is empty but find some left in the bottom

  • Superr💥💥

  • imagne cory won

  • It's very crazy!!!

  • ok

  • no rc car

  • اشلونكم طايز مو گايز 😂😂

  • has cory ever gonna a dub

  • Dude perfect should do a dude not perfect video

  • Hi

  • This video probably costs over 10k lol

  • I'm subscribed to you

  • This is my favorite video

  • Poda myre

  • 8:53 : Tyler: where is he? is he on my left? oh wait no he's on my right oh ok here you go. Me: xD

  • You guys should do a battle where the winner gets a trophy but also a safe pass for the next battle first round.

  • Rocket car probably would have went farther if both were lit

  • Winner Coby

  • Casually destroying 4-500 dollar things

  • The music is outstanding

  • I just love Tyler and Garett having fun destroying RC cars

    • First and maybe the only one to reply

  • The drone car took the most damage the drone looked like it broke apart

  • I like the plane car better

  • Caralho Esses carrinhos são muito fortes

  • Gg

  • Instead of breaking those cars I preferred to have saw u all have a rc car giveaway

  • f jhf j x fj

  • DELVO!!!!!

  • Harry brown Ben cubby

  • Rip rcs when they were crushed by the car

  • Bro that is a big car

  • Bro this would be sick if mark rober was in the competition

  • Tall guy beard twins purple hoser

  • Your so intertaining thanks my kid always talks about you at lunch

  • Dude perfect you are making amazing video

  • No Go Pro was harmed in the making of this video

  • Sad That Tyler's RC car Fell

  • The triple c’s Cody Cory Coby

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  • trxxx

  • Hey dude you are prefect

  • To be honest I am coby's fan

  • Haha

  • COBES CAR:WHY!!!!!!!!!!